Corporate information

corporate information

Our company is a communications agency.

[ Japanese translation version ]
Planeta Inc. is located in between Nagoya and Toyota in the city of Nisshin.
Our mission is to help with the advertising planning, sales promotion, and PR activity of business enterprises and retail stores. Using our imagination, our creative activities turn out original designs and copy.
We can satisfy a wide demand of needs by making good use of planners, copywriters, CM planners, graphic designers, WEB designers and other creators’ such as photographers who are professions with experience.
Our female art director has highly qualified for product development, retail store development and creative for women’s products.
Please entrust us with your sales promotion production needs such as the design of logos, business cards, envelops and fliers for cafes, beauty parlors, and retail shops.

Corporate name
The President and Representative Director Tetsuya Nakayama (planner and copywriter)
The president message
Jupiter 3F,1606,Sakae-2chome,Nisshin City,470-0113 Japan
電話 (0561)56-9981
creative agency
The capital
Three million yen
February 28, 1995
“Sympathy symbiosis mutual prosperity”
Specialized field
retail marketing, welfare, education, and sports and regional announcing to public and stone industry, etc.
Member organization
Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Nissin Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The main results
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Prize history
All Japan Radio & Television Commercial Confederation(ACC)2000 ACC prise
Reference fee
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Work method
◎Problem solvings are valued most.
◎Creative work that bases USP and ESP with unpredictable quality.